The Straw Hat Penny Horse

Straw Hat Penny Horse

The Straw Hat Penny Horse is a delightfully playful story about Patrick and Elizabeth’s trip to their grandparents’ home in the country.

Time with the grandparents is always an adventure, but this trip is even more special because of the wonderful surprise awaiting them. Come, read the story and travel with the children to the town of Cherry Glenn on the back of The Straw Hat Penny Horse.

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Written by Robin Kruzik              Illustrated by Sue Peterson

Children’s Picture Book


Hardback, stitched

Pages: 44,  8.5″ X 11″ (landscape)

ISBN 978-0-9890764-3-2

Price: $19.95 + tax + $4.00 s/h

Made In America


“My favorite thing about the whole book was the little girl with the walker right on the center page. Thank you for doing that!” Fay

“This book brings back treasured memories for me. . . I will share your books with others.” Debbie

“I really like the colorful center spread. It gives the children a lot to look at and find.” Alison

“This is a great book, a good read, with great pictures. Young children will enjoy the pictures and, as they grow, they will come to love reading the words.” Taylyr


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