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Robin’s book ‘The Straw Hat Penny Horse’ will be taking a trip to El Dorado Hills this holiday season! It will be available at Face In A Book, a charming shop near the movie theater. Come join young Patrick and Elizabeth in their journey of imagination!


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Everyone has a story– tucked somewhere in the shadowy recesses of our mental filing cabinet, or leaping frantically across the verdant fields of our imagination– we all have a story to tell. Perhaps you have a box of bits and pieces, a fun idea for a great story, or maybe a fully drafted manuscript– but now what?

Just how do you go from concept to finished book?





That’s  where  we  come  in!

At TWO SQUARE BOOKS, we are passionate about the written word. My first novel was written entirely by hand– on napkins, sticky notes, in margins and occasionally on actual paper. To see this collection become an real live book. . . even as a wordsmith, I am at a loss to describe the elation.




We look forward to helping you along the exciting path to self-publication:

general editing

cover design



adding photos

overall content

 understanding your publishing options




If you are looking for a ‘big house’ to handle all your marketing & advertising needs, we aren’t it. If you have a small run, want some honest input regarding self-publishing, or have a special project to share with your friends and family, we would be pleased to help your wholesome story come to life.




Your story, your way, your rights!

There is no contract with our services. You, the author, maintain all rights and creative freedom.

Call or email to make an appointment to discuss the options for your memoirs, poetry collection, wholesome fiction, children’s book, family history, or other uplifting and inspiring writing.


The first half-hour consultation is free!



Two Square Books Publishing  (Consultants)

Custom services by appointment

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