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Time: mid 1800’s (broadly speaking)
Place: Kansas Territory (more or less)
Elevation: Even the birds get dizzy
Humor: Yep (but it’s a bit sideways)
Historical: Let’s be clear- nope
Western: Only if you squint, stand on one foot, and get your brain to execute a sharp left-face

Sometimes life has an odd sense of humor. It gives us exactly what we do not want, precisely when we need it most. Life has been getting clever lately, but Gideon Fletcher knows exactly how to deal with this– get revenge.

Humorous  Adventure               More about Between the Rivers



Time: mid-1800’s (ish)
Place: Kansas Territory (more or less)
Elevation: Don’t look down
Humor: Yep (but it’s a bit sideways)
Historical: Only when viewed from a good distance
Western: A small town, a sheriff, 2 thugs, 1 convict, 1 court appointed big brother, and several misunderstandings- you decide.

You got any brothers? I got five of ’em. Thing is, they ain’t really mine. They done comed with the rustlin’ charges. Ya know, if’n a fellah’s gonna get hit with a life sentence, he really oughta be guilty. Me? I din’t steal no cattle, no matter what them townsfolk say. I got troubles a-plenty without annexin’ nobody’s beef. In this fine territory of Utah– New Mexico?– well, whichever side-a the border ya currently straddle, perveyin’ secondhand livestock is a mighty fine way to get your neck stretched. On the other hand, there’s days when a-sittin’ in a jail cell’d be a whole heap easier’n livin’ with the Rivers.

Humorous Adventure


Cover B3 wagonTime: mid-1800’s (ish)                                                    Place: Kansas Territory (more or less)
Elevation: Bring your own breathing air                    Humor: Quirky
Historical: Not hardly                                                  Western: Well… there’s a cabin- and a ranch- and a chicken training up to be an escape artist

There’s a fish– it’s in the wardrobe
There’s a wagon– it belongs to Fort, but possession is largely in the eye of the man holding the shotgun
Then there’s Gideon– who wishes he was headed for Mexico (or anywhere else for that matter)
And then there’s the tea cups– and that’s where this story really gets going. You see, some folks put their brain on a shelf and think with a tea cup rather than putting the tea cup on the shelf and thinking with their brain. Of course, such an argument does make more sense when considered from Gideon Fletcher’s rather unique- and usually incarcerated- perspective. Hmm, then again. . . seeing as he’s being dangled cups for tea kettle out the bedroom window, you might want to get his brothers’ feelings on the matter.


Three CousinsOriginally written as a Master’s project, this is a guide to ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Designed to be encouraging, non-threatening and informative it presents much like a children’s book, yet contains many insightful details. Whether you are a teacher, parent, family member, or doing some introspective exploration, this book is for you. Definitions of technical terms are given using real life examples, humor, and common vernacular.

Informative, self-help, education

Smashed cover StewA Dog, A Grump & A Garden

“Let me tell you how this is gonna play out. I told you before, if I wanted company, I’d invite some. Now get your sorry behinds off my land.”

You’d think that would do it, wouldn’t you? So did I, but those blasted hooligans just wouldn’t listen. Neither would that yip-happy dog. I moved to the small town of Integrity to get some peace and quiet. Thanks to those hooligans, I ended up with some peace of mind. But this is more their story than mine.

Young Reader Novel


Straw Hat Penny Horse

The Straw Hat Penny Horse is a delightfully playful story about Patrick and Elizabeth’s trip to their grandparents’ home in the country.

Time with the grandparents is always an adventure, but this trip is even more special because of the wonderful surprise awaiting them.

Children’s Picture Book


My Me In The MirrorStand up tall! Make a face! This is a bright, fun picture book about a young boy who delights in exploring the many things he and his reflection in the mirror can do. Children will enjoy getting up and moving along with the story. For ages 2 to 10— and the child in us all.

Children’s Picture Book


Cover frontA Day to Bark About

Join Mimi as she takes a fun run! She romps in the leaves. She zooms across the yard. She jogs with the neighbors. So many wonderful things are happening on her street, she just has to be a part of the action.

Children’s Picture Book

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