About Us

Who are the squares?


Basically, we are you– just a few happy paces farther down the self-publishing path. We are a mother-daughter team. When we started writing, we had no idea how to get our manuscripts into a bound format, where to find an ISBN, or how to design a cover. We even wondered if using a public printer would run the risk of plagiarism. That sounds paranoid now, but back then our books were our babies– they still are– and we worried for their safety. It was hard to share our first stories with someone else. Were they ready for the world? That’s why we understand that your project is special to you, and we want to see it turn out the way you want.

Between us, we have a wide range of life experiences and interests that lend to our understanding of, and interest in, your unique project. Life is multifaceted and vibrant. We take pleasure in helping you tell your wholesome, fun story.

Robin Rush, co-owner / author / consultant

Robin loves to write for children and ‘to the heart’ as she calls it. She particularly enjoys reading ‘people stories’, be they biographies or fictional works. She currently has four books to her credit, with several more awaiting their turn on the shop workbench.

Her experiences include:

A.A. in English

28 units Early Childhood Education

Mother of 4 (and neighborhood ‘mom’ to many)

Language arts tutor

Church deacon

Scout leader

Story time leader / presenter (1-5yr olds)

Crisis pregnancy counselor

Office manager for Youth Pastor Instructor/Mission Work

Licensed daycare provider

Robin enjoys:

reading / a little glitz / teaching / the ocean / live theater

Natalie Rush, co-owner / author / consultant

Natalie writes for humor, for fun, for an escape into the ever-colorful world of the imagination. She still prefers to write by hand, with a pencil, before transferring her manuscripts to a computer.

Her experiences include:

M.A. Education (K-8 Interdisciplinary)

A.A. / B.A. Studio Art

Language arts tutor

Sign language interpreter

International travel

Aircraft loader / Mt. Rainier mason / building maintenance

GED Instructor

Special Education Coach / Instructor

Natalie enjoys:

kayaking / photography / woodworking / gardening / reading